Refund Policy

Refund Policy


  1. Energy Healings – In-Person or Long-Distance

Our Services are spiritual/energetic … we are the transmitter(s) and you are the receiver. Due to the customization, sensitive nature, and disbursement of ‘life force energy’ (i.e. time & energy) of all Spiritual/psychic services, including energy healings, readings, counseling, coaching and other spiritual services, no refunds will be given for ‘one time services’. However, we are committed to Customer satisfaction. Please contact us with your concerns or requests.

If you purchased a Membership package, refunds will be based on the unused sessions of the package as follows:

Because the Membership Packages are deeply discounted, upon written refund request, “used” sessions will be calculated at the “1 session only rate [$30/session rate for a Single person or $50/session rate for a Family] and deducted from the Deeply Discounted Package/Membership fees. Refunds will be credited within 14 business days to the credit card used to purchase the package.

Example:  $99 Package – less 2 sessions used ($60) = refund of $39.

Example:  $138 Family package – less 3 used sessions ($150) = no refund


  1. Digital goods

Due to the nature of digital goods that, once we gave them to you, can’t be taken back, no refunds will be given.