SUNDAY Bronze Membership

The power of repetition! You’ll be receiving a Group Distance Energy Healing EVERY Sunday morning beginning at 9:00pm EDT for a whole month! Like most exercise…consistency is the key. As one workout builds upon the last, so it is with the healing energy. The healings build one upon another. You’ll get a weekly energy booster – not from some outside product that you ingest, but from the inside peace and tranquility that comes from the energy healings…from the inside out! When your internal world is altered, your external world will reflect this back to you. And because you understand the value, importance, and power of consistency, we’re excited that you’ll be with us EVERY Monday morning – receiving the energy that will support and empower your body, mind and spirit EVERY WEEK! AND you’ll be receiving a deeper discount because this is a monthly auto-pay program! Keep the healing momentum going and saving money = win/win! And of course you can always cancel for any reason.

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