Family SUNDAY Platinum Membership

That’s right! Pay once a year … set it and forget it! Now that’s a commitment to your health and wellness!!! And a huge savings in your pocket! EVERY Sunday evening at 9:00pm ET, you and your household (yes, even your pets) will receive our energy healing – support for all of your energetic systems, chakras and energy fields – done! What a great way to start your week – EVERY WEEK! How great would it feel to know you’ll start your week fully charged up and ready to go on Monday morning?! Pretty awesome!!! You’re a person that knows what they want and will make it happen! And you’ll have the energy to do it!!!

Once you SUBMIT your order you will receive a confirmation email from “WordPress” and a “Welcome” email from GlobalHealings with details for receiving the greatest benefits from the energy healings.

We expect wonderful things to happen to you every day!
Kathleen and Wayne

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