Why Energy Healings

Do you remember a time when you got a little cut and your body developed a scab almost immediately?
Did you have anything to do with that scab? No.
Your body knows instinctively what to do. Think of the miracle that your body is...where it came from, how it formed. You are truly a miracle!
We are made up of energy and when our energy is truly in a free flowing state, we don't even get a little cut. We are connected to Source, 'present' and aware of our surroundings in every moment. We avoid getting hurt, or bumping into other people or even the car accident. We are "causing our life". This is a life on purpose!
For most of us, that's not how it is. Most of us are at
"the effect of life".
Here's how it happens:
As we go through life, events happen. We get injured or traumatized ... physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.
If we are lucky, we get to express the emotion (energy in motion) in that moment by crying, yelling, fighting back or leaving the situation. Our intuitive survival skills are fight, flight or freeze.
Example:  When you were a child, you fell down, scraped your knee and it bled. Let's say no one saw you. You held onto it with your hands and cried and cried until it stopped hurting and the emotional charge was completely released. No one told you to stop crying, but eventually you did. Then you got a band-aide (or not) and went back to playing. Your body developed a scab and took care of the healing process. You may have a memory of that event but there is probably no emotional charge to that memory because the process was completed. 
Most of the time, life does not happen like that. Most of the time, we are told to stop crying and suck it up, be tough,be quiet, humiliated or even laughed at.
In that moment we "deal with" as much as we can, but the part that we can not process or express gets stored in our cells to be dealt with "later". And that is just for a boo-boo. Imagine the energetic impact of some horrific experience.
Any time there is a "flight, flight, or freeze" response
in your body, adrenaline is released and the energetic memory gets stored.
Unfortunately, most of us don't have the skills or time to deal with the suppressed energy and to survive, we bury it so deep we even forget it is there. However, our cellular memory will hold onto that energy like a huge filing cabinet until we are ready to release it.
And, because life keeps on happening, so do new events. As the years pass, you may begin to feel stuck in an area of your life.  Maybe a particular pattern of behavior, or a type of person, or event, keeps happening to you and you feel trapped, like a hamster on a wheel.
Similar events get stored in the same place (an area of your body - lungs/grief, heart/sadness, liver/anger). Eventually your body begins to break downMaybe your overall health has started to deteriorate.
That's because those little blocks of stored energy become huge piles of energy. When we "can't take it anymore", it's because we can't store all that energy.
Our bodies are trying to get our attention. They begin to break down. We may become moody or emotional or exhausted. Our minds may get confused or foggy. Our joints begin to ache and we lose our energy, our passion and even our zest for life.
It doesn't have to be that way.  We don't even have to get ill. Our bodies are designed to self heal, and they do
it from the inside out.
Until you can do it on your own, we can help.
We facilitate the release of the stuck energy. Once released, your body can use that energy for self healing. You still have the innate ability to self heal, and when your energy is balanced and flowing and open, that's exactly what can take place.
It's the re-connection to your Self that will be the greatest gift you receive.
  • When you are truly in an energetic, free flowing state, you will not even get a little cut.
  • You will be living in an Awakened state. The state of Awareness.
  • You will avoid the accidents.
  • You will experience an internal peace that you have never known.
  • You will live in a state of grace.
  • Serendipity will become the norm.
  • You will realize you can change only yourself,and that it is not your place to change another.
  • You will see the bigger picture of life, and the details.
  • You will hear the guidance of your own inner wisdom and take clear, concise action.
  • You will give and receive Love without intention.
Imagine how life could be if we all lived true to our Self?
What would be available? 
Peace, Love, Generosity, Compassion, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Joy, Passion, Desire, Creativity, Creation, Freedom to BE. 

It's time to take your life back!    

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